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Buying a Private Jet: Getting Past the Ramp Appeal

Buying the right private jet aircraft facilitates the growth of your business and increases personal flexibility, capability, and quality of life.  Ask yourself these questions to help ensure you are making the correct purchase and maximizing the efficiency and performance of your new asset.  In the article titled “Buying a Jet: Getting Past the Ramp Appeal” American Aircraft Sales president Jet Tolbert provides insightful queries for any prospective purchaser to consider when choosing their next aircraft.

How Should Aircraft Buyers and Sellers Act Today?

Sifting through the industry hype, Jet Tolbert makes sense of the used jet marketplace moving into Q4 2018. Are buyers or sellers justified in their expectations? Or is reality to be found somewhere in between? There are many buzzwords being liberally banded around the Business Aviation sales arena at present. Terms like ‘100% bonus depreciation’, ‘active…

What is an Aircraft Broker?

Would you know how to find the right broker for your next aircraft transaction? It may seem like a simple enough question, but a lack of clarity does still exist over what distinguishes aircraft brokers from aircraft dealers. What exactly is a business aircraft broker, and how can you choose the right one for your…

Tips for Approaching Today’s Used Aircraft Market

Buying and Selling Business Jets What’s the best advice for buyers and sellers entering today’s used international aircraft marketplace, and why does it help to broaden the search as widely as possible? Jet Tolbert discusses… Looking back over our recent aircraft sales, it’s clear there has been a stronger international flavor lately. While this micro…