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How Should Aircraft Buyers and Sellers Act Today?

What This Means to Sellers

Alternatively, if you are a seller, there is much to be said about ‘cash-in-hand’ offers. No one is truly able to predict the future value of your aircraft, so an offer received today may be the best you receive – and is worth your consideration.

While it is true that premium aircraft will see offers that can be considered ‘strong’ in today’s market, you will more likely find a large majority of buyers level-off in the same general pricing area.

That’s not to deny that there are still the ‘one-off’ sales that occur – but waiting for an offer of this calibre can be a gamble when you consider the impact of depreciation and maintenance costs that occur to your aircraft in the meantime.

In Summary…

Today, possibly more than ever before, it’s important to trust your counterparty when contemplating an aircraft transaction. Considering how many different sellers there are in the market, the better option would be to have a well-established, experienced broker for your acquisition agent who has deep connections.

This inside track will build value into the process as those deep relationships are leveraged, and their market knowledge is used to your advantage.

In the current market, getting the best airplane at the best price and not missing an opportunity is a matter of being in the right place at the right time, and most importantly having the wherewithal to know when you are there…

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