Our Process


It all starts with a conversation
We’ve been doing this longer than most everyone, so we know that every situation is unique, whether you’re looking to acquire an aircraft, or sell one. So we take the time to listen carefully to your needs, and make certain to ask all the right questions. We offer buyers guidance based upon budget and requirements for usage, and we help our sellers to determine sales timing, and how to extract the maximum value for their aircraft.


The aviation market is global. Your market valuation and search should be too.
We go in-depth to not only determine what your aircraft is truly worth, but also what it COULD BE worth to the right market. The same global connections that allow us to search worldwide for aircraft that are on or off-market allow us to thoroughly understand foreign and domestic markets, and maximize the value for our sellers, and for those looking to acquire aircraft.


The right buyer or seller is out there. We find them for you.
For those planning to acquire an aircraft, we will complete a worldwide inquiry and then compile and present a thorough list of potential aircraft along with our recommendations. For the sellers we represent, the process is ongoing, as we actively locate prospective buyers and implement a variety of personal selling strategies to cultivate premium interest in your aircraft.


Nuts and bolts: It’s the details that make all the difference.
Acquiring an aircraft is no small matter. We make sure our buyers understand the significance of even the most technical key valuation and resale points of prospective aircraft so they can be certain to get most for their money. Not only do we advise buyers on future exit strategies, but we also advise our sellers on their current ones to maximize their ROI.


Forging an ideal connection between buyer and seller
Once an offer is made, there is simply no substitute for our experience in negotiating the finite terms of a sales contract. Because we’ve represented both buyers and sellers in crafting agreements for complicated domestic and international transactions, American Aircraft Sales is thoroughly adept at making sure your interests are well-protected, regardless of which side of the transaction you are on.


An expert on your side during the buyer’s inspection
Prior to sale, aircraft buyers should always have an in-depth mechanical inspection performed to uncover any potential issues that have not been identified by the seller which may affect the value and price of the aircraft. We employ an experienced industry mechanic to oversee this inspection on behalf of our buyers, as well as our sellers, to ensure that there are no surprises that can complicate or delay the sale.


Knowledge and experience to guide your ultimate decision
Once the buyer’s inspection is complete, it will be time to make a decision. Is the aircraft you’re looking to acquire really worth the asking price? Are repairs or maintenance needed? What will it cost to customize the aircraft to your needs? What will be your exit strategy when it comes time to sell? Sellers may want to reconsider whether they can fetch a better price with maintenance or cosmetic upgrades before going to the table for closing. We guide you through every detail of this important decision.


Closing even the most complicated deals
We manage every single aspect of the closing process to ensure that buyers and sellers leave the table completely satisfied by the transaction. American Aircraft Sales has half a century of experience to ensure that all legal terms, escrow, title, and any program transfers are all addressed flawlessly, whether the transaction is domestic or spanning international borders. We make the process easy and straightforward for you.